Our Company

EMR and Billing was formed in 2007 to provide business services for physicians. Since that time, EMR and Billing has evolved into the company it is today; a company committed to assisting healthcare providers with a wide range of business services that allow them to attain superior results in their practice and excel within the healthcare industry. In today’s integrated environment, EMR and Billing provides a host of services for physicians of all specialties and organizational structures. Through a menu of comprehensive services, flexibly packaged business solutions place providers in control while providing them the support they need.

Our Vision

Capitalizing on industry knowledge, we have become an outstanding company providing innovative, quality-driven services and solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of providers in the healthcare industry. To develop an organization whose business lines provide the best resources available for the needs of its clients and attract highly skilled, visionary people to the organization.

Our Mission Statement

Founded of honesty, integrity, creativity and dedication, provide total business services and solutions that support healthcare providers in the practice of medicine. Our core values are to provide a solid foundation for the development of a new, dynamic healthcare delivery system based on honesty, integrity, creativity and dedication to clients, partners and employees.

Our Services

  1. Credentialing

    Insurance credentialing is a major factor in receiving your hard-earned reimbursements from Health Insurances.  Read more..

  2. HIPAA Compliance

    EMR & Billing takes pride in complying with HIPAA act, ensuring complete information safety.  Read more…

  3. Virtual Back-Office Solution

    Virtual Back-Office Solution: Proving to be an unending frustration for you, consider entrusting that job to EMR & Billing… Read more…

  4. A/R Management

    A/R Management Claims are followed up systematically and quickly. We attentively follow-up on your claims for reimbursement and…  Read more…

  5. PMS & EHR

    Electronic Health Record (EHR) EMR & Billing is using one of the Nation’s Best EHR, which is fully integrated with our…  Read more…

  6. Simplify Medical Billing

    Simplify Medical Billing EMR & Billing is unique in the field of medical billing. We offer a complete business solution to…  Read more…


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